How do you fill up a beach hostel in winter ?
That’s the million dollar question for Accor Hotel ‘s Jo&Joe, a new kind of hostel bar and restaurant, a 5 min walk from the beach in Hossegor.

Our idea

We did it by attracting to our hotel the only people that could come to the beach on any day. Any time. Under any conditions : surfers. Jo&Joe presents the Wave Hour.
The higher the wave, the lower the price.

How does it work?

Luckily for us : waves are strong in winter. So in partnership with Windguru, the worldwide leader of wind and weather forecast, we collected hourly data from the waves heights and connected them to every aspect of our hostel. Drinks. Food. Even the rooms.

Grand Prix Stratégies 2018 : Gold
Grand Prix Stratégies 2018 : Silver

Club des DA : Shortlist

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