Peugeot SUV

Unlock your Horizon

Since the launch of the New Peugeot 5008 last June, Peugeot now has a complete SUV range, consisting of 3 vehicles: the 2008 SUV, the new 3008 SUV and the new 5008 SUV.

Through a brand content campaign « Unlock your horizon » made up of three 90-second films directed by Russel Brownley, Peugeot tells the story shared by the brand and the drivers of SUV, go further, continue where the others stop, following three projects of artists and dronistes (a couple of photographers in Norway, the musicians of the group Parallells in Scotland, pilots of drones in Bulgaria) made possible with the complicity of one of the models . From these 3 long formats, the TV movie shows the spirit of SUV Peugeot, promotes the entire range: « Never have SUVs gone that far. »

Unlock Fingal's Cave

Unlock Gunfor

Unlock Bouzloudja



Director Russel Brownley
DOP Fabio Caldironi
Production Rita Films
Prod Germain Robin
Agency BETC
Chief creative director Rémi Babinet
Creative Director Vincent Behaeghel
Creative Director Margot Helfter
Copywriter Julie Martin
Art director Hugo Cals
Tv prod Thibault Blacque-Belair
Tv prod Malika Hamladji

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