The first participative jackpot

The problem

Loto, the French Lottery have 40 years. And let’s face it : for a brand is kindaaaa starting to feel old.

So how can we celebrate our 40th birthday, and still be cool for young people ?

The idea

Loto presents the first participative jackpot ever.

Like any self respecting “young people” birthday, we created a Facebook event. But contrary to any other “young people” Facebook birthday event, this one could earn you a loooot of moneyWell yes ! the simple fact of joining our event adds money to the final jackpot. So the more people join the event, the bigger the jackpot.

The results


People from all over the country joined the event… Even our own national celebrities ! In less than two weeks, the numbers were amazing ! And press from all over the country relayed our request to blow-up the jackpot.

But most important of all, thanks to the incredible help of all French people wanting to empty our cash drawers…our jackpot finally reached a crazy amount of 13,550,865 € This lead to break our all time participation and sales records

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