Air France


Here in France, we take food very seriously. So at Air France we work hard with famous French chefs to offer a high-flying gourmet experience.


But how can we prove that the food we serve in the air is worthy of the finest restaurants on land ?


Nowadays, the very best of gastronomy is delivered to your home. So in partnership with Foodora, we createdour own virtual restaurant.


People could choose the original gourmet dishes we usually serve on our flights and quickly have them delivered to their doorstep.


Everyday all menus were sold out in 5 minutes and were greatly acclaimed on social platforms. The promotion video of our on-the-ground service got over 4 000 000 views. And the operation generated a total of 20 000 000 impressions. Even the press found an appetite for our virtual restaurant, giving it excellent reviews.


One Show: Merit


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